Sustainable Tourism Programs for Businesses

Flexible tools for tourism businesses to measure, improve and get recognized for advancing their sustainability performance.

Internationally Recognized Criteria and Indicators

GreenStep Sustainable Tourism has developed assessment tools and support programs, helping tourism businesses to measure and improve their sustainability performance. 

  • Free Sustainability Score
  • Free Sustainable Tourism Pledge
  • Sustainability Lens Assessments
  • Sustainability Diagnosis
  • Sustainable Tourism Certification
  • Eco Efficiency Assessments
  • GreenStep EcoFund
  • Sustainability Training 
  • Climate Action Services

Our criteria for tourism businesses has been officially reviewed and achieved “Recognized” status with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. 

Beyond Certification

While sustainable tourism certification is a meaningful and powerful tool to help tourism businesses credibly measure and celebrate their sustainability performance with external verification, GreenStep Sustainable Tourism can lead to certification for those organizations that want it, while also going beyond certification, offering flexible approaches and support services to help tourism businesses to assess their sustainability performance, identify gaps, set goals and create action plans, even if certification isn’t a priority. We offer a range of options to best meet your needs:

Free Sustainability Score

A basic assessment and scorecard to get a snapshot of how your destination is doing when it comes to sustainability. 

Sustainability Lens Assessment

An assessment and full results report, along with the top recommended actions for improvement. 

Sustainability Diagnosis

A customized sustainability assessment and action plan for your destination and a one-on-one consultation with our team.


If certification is your ultimate goal, let us know and we can discuss the steps, process and timelines involved, and provide a quote for conducting an assessment of your destination. Please note that entering the certification process does not guarantee certification. A minimum standard of performance is required to achieve Sustainable Tourism Certification.

You may want to first complete the Sustainability Lens or Diagnosis, to gauge your potential score. If you choose to continue with an assessment for certification, we will provide a credit towards the cost of your certification assessment. 

Not sure what's right for your business?